Home Learning

The most important thing you can do for your child is spend time with them and read with them every day. Your child is still young and needs attention, guidance and encouragement.

Although you may be tired in the evening, it is much better, for you and for them, to turn off the television or computer and spend time talking to, playing with or reading with your children. 


Try to make sure they listen to a story as part of the bedtime routine. This includes Year 6 children! If you find it difficult to read with them, borrow story CDs from your local library and put one on for 20 minutes before lights out. Or you could look for e-books online which you can download. Your child should sleep well as long as they are not looking at a screen. 


Playing games is a wonderful way to help your child. Board games are very good for social skills, turn taking and concentration. Simple card games are wonderful to practice counting and number recognition.


Take your child for days out at museums and parks. Our job as parents is to create memories for children and special trips and events always stay in the memory when we are old.


Please talk to your child about their day. Show an interest in their school life. “How was school?” may not be the best way to begin a conversation. Look at the suggestions below for more ideas.


30 Questions to ask your kid instead of how was your day


Other useful websites:








Please ask teachers for advice on any of these websites if you would like to use them at home.