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I hope you are well and staying safe. If you are at a loose end  today, try the below:



READING: Year 3 and above


Try The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling- great story, better than any of the films and the language is beautiful.




All multiples of 3 have digits which add up to a multiple of 3. For example - 15 is a multiple of 3.  5 + 1 = 6  which is also a multiple of 3.


What about 42? 4 + 2 = 6, so is 42 a multiple of 3?


What about 552?


And what about 13,890?


Is 456,371?


You will need a calculator to check your answers. Try other 6 and 7 digit numbers.



General Knowledge:


Use an atlas or a world map. How many countries can you find beginning with the letter C? What about the letter T? Which letter has the most countries?



Have a good weekend.


Best wishes



Hello everyone,

I trust you are all well and staying safe.  I include below some in formation on Time to Connect from Family Support for those who may need it. Please get in touch if there is anything we can help you with at this difficult time. I will be in touch again tomorrow.


Time to Connect


We have launched a new service called ‘Time to Connect’ which is available to general public and also for your Teams to refer into. The service is aimed at families who are finding it hard to cope with being at home, balancing working and childcare/home schooling.  Time to Connect is for families to be able to talk though any worries they have and be provided with advice and guidance.  If necessary, people will be offered continued telephone/skype support.


Time to Connect will provide a listening ear if families are concerned about anything or need support with accessing / signposting to services


Time to Connect can be contacted using the webform available  here .  A family, or you (with the families consent) can complete the very simple form and someone will call them back within 24 hours.


We have also updated our digital service ( which now has a number of additional resources and materials for families to access that will help with home schooling, entertainment and distraction.


Our virtual family centre will launch on Monday with pre-recorded material with the first live-streams on Tuesday/


Peter Watt 

Managing Director

Family Support 



Best wishes



To all parents and carers,


I hope everyone is well.


As your child will tell you, i am constantly speaking to the children about listening to stories without a screen to distract. Please use the following link which is currently providing free stories to children during the Covid 19 crisis. There are some great stories, old and new here, so please make the effort to find something your child will enjoy. 


This link shows celebrities reading stories:


The Body Coach - Joe Wicks - has a daily routine new every day on Youtube. Today's exercises can be found at the link below:


Carol Vorderman has made her website free for the time being. See her website - The Maths Factor - to practise mathematics aged 4-11:


I hope you find them useful


Stay safe.


Best wishes



I have attached 2 other documents. The first is a list of other websites you and your child may find useful. These cover English, Maths and Science.


I also attach a home learning leaflet for children in Early Year Foundation Stage - nursery and reception.



To all parents and carers,


I hope you are all well and staying safe during these difficult times. Please follow the guidance from the government. This changes often, so please look at the government Covid-19 websites regularly.


We have sent home the folders which contain work for each class. Please encourage your children to work through this over the next 2 weeks. It can be hard to motivate some children to stick at the work. If you aim for 2 hours intensive work every day, that is a good start. Of course, as always, your child should be reading for half an hour a day at least. If you have any problems with the work, please email and your teacher will be in touch.


Can I remind everyone that you should stay at home. We are open for children of keyworkers whose parents are doing vital jobs to keep the country going.  We will never close to all children unless instructed to do so by the government or local authority, but please consider if it necessary to keep your child at home. 




Please get in touch if there is anything we can do. We are available to you on the email at or the school telephone. We may not be able to help but we can direct you to services which can. Remember children who normally receive free school lunches are also entitled during this time.


Stay safe 


Mr. Brown


19/03/2020 Important Information regarding Corona Virus


To everyone in the school community,

Old Oak Primary School is carefully monitoring the development of the Novel Coronavirus and its potential impact on the health and well-being of our school community.  We are keen to avoid unnecessary disruption or inconvenience, but at the same time are mindful of its continued spread and potentially serious impact.  

The Government guidance has been recently updated.  We would therefore ask visitors to please adhere our own guidance which is attached to the link below. 

We continue to monitor the advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Public Health England and the NHS.

Please do get in touch if we can provide any further information or assistance.

Joe Brown                                            

Old Oak Primary School



Puzzles and Pancakes at Old Oak Primary School.

Book your place now so you don't miss out!

Planetarium at Old Oak

The children really enjoyed learning about the universe in the planetarium this week.

Graduation Day

Old Oak Primary School Year 6 collecting their graduation certificates at Roehampton University!



                                          Breakfast Bagels

We will be giving away a free breakfast bagel in the playground from Monday 20th January . The Key Stage 1 gate will open at 8.40am – 5 minutes early. The last bagel will be given out at 8.50am so that school can begin at 8.55am. The offer is open to all families including those in the reception and nursery classes.

The kids love seeing their work displayed. Can you see your child's work?
Wick court 2019

Year 5 & 6 had a great time at Wick Court! The children enjoyed fabulous outdoor adventures with exemplary behaviour!  The children achieved so much in a week, the impact of their farming experience no doubt will have a lifelong impact! 


The Old Oak fundraising event for DJ Chad gained fantastic support from families and the local community.  £797 was raised for this worthy cause.

All families welcome to our special  fundraising event!


Valerie Bloom at Magnolia Class Workshop!

Valerie Bloom Book Signing Treat for the children at Old Oak Primary 

Father and son getting into a right mess during the Father's Day activities, great fun was had by all!

Old Oaks Father's Day Lunch involved lots of activities!

Peach & Rowan Reception Classes Had a Fantastic Day at Buckingham Palace! 

Queen Luana, carrying out her royal duties!

Children are in awe at the splendour of the royal carriage

Mother's Day Lunch Was a Great Success!

Mother's Day Lunch at Old Oak Primary School on the 27th March was a fun occasion for both parents/ carers and children thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Mother's Day lunch was a great celebration for mothering Sunday and was a very well attended event.


Great Time at the Water & Steam Museum!

Children at Old Oak had a great time at the London Museum of Water & Steam in Brentford on the 13th & 14th of March. Maple, Olive, and Hazel Class, Year Groups 1&2 got to ride on a steam train.  The children also had fun splashing in the water park.  There was alot to learn too!  Children enjoyed learning about how steam is  formed and how it is used.  Their faces says it all!

Lots of fun and learning!