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Father and son getting into a right mess during the Father's Day activities, great fun was had by all!

Old Oaks Father's Day Lunch involved lots of activities!

Peach & Rowan Reception Classes Had a Fantastic Day at Buckingham Palace! 

Queen Luana, carrying out her royal duties!

Children are in awe at the splendour of the royal carriage

Mother's Day Lunch Was a Great Success!

Mother's Day Lunch at Old Oak Primary School on the 27th March was a fun occasion for both parents/ carers and children thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Mother's Day lunch was a great celebration for mothering Sunday and was a very well attended event.


Great Time at the Water & Steam Museum!

Children at Old Oak had a great time at the London Museum of Water & Steam in Brentford on the 13th & 14th of March. Maple, Olive, and Hazel Class, Year Groups 1&2 got to ride on a steam train.  The children also had fun splashing in the water park.  There was alot to learn too!  Children enjoyed learning about how steam is  formed and how it is used.  Their faces says it all!

Lots of fun and learning!


Brilliant Big Feast!

What a fabulous event this Sunday at our Brilliant Big Feast hosted by FoodCycle East Acton and Bubble & Squeak at Old Oak Community & Children's Centre.  This has been our third Brilliant Big Feast with the Food Cycle gang and it was our busiest one yet.  The team served 38 children and 42 adults using surplus food that would of gone to waste, donated by City Harvest London. Bubble & Squeak put on craft activity for the children after they tucked into their free 3 course meal with their families.  We can't thank the Food Cycle volunteers enough for their incredible achievement of serving so many and everyone that came to our weekend community event. 


Red Nose Day Fun!

Great Pyjamas!