Magnolia Class


Welcome to Magnolia Class!


We have enjoyed getting to know each other over the past few weeks. As we are a mixed Year 3 and 4 class there are lots of new classmates to get to know and a lot of names to remember. The best thing is we now have lots of new friends to play with in the playground and share our learning with.


In IPC we have been learning all about sound. For our homework we made some fantastic instruments out of different materials. Some of these instruments had to be blown to make a sound, some need you to bang or shake them, and some instruments needed to be plucked as they had string, nylon or elastic bands to make a sound.


In English we have loved reading the book ‘WOLVES’. We have learnt all about wordplay and puns. We made up our own jokes about wolves including: “What did the wolf say before he went on holiday?” – “Let’s pack our bags!” We created takeaway menus for a hungry wolf. We created delicious dishes including; Crispy piggy tails, Small girl soup and Granny fried rice. Yum! Yum!


In Maths we have looking at the number system and where numbers belong in it. We have used lots of resources to help us with this. Place value charts, dienes, place value counters, partitioning cards, number fans and number lines. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary to help us explain our reasoning including; equivalent to, partition, digit, represent, exchange and value.


We are looking forward to starting our new IPC topic soon all about the Ancient Egyptians and reading our new English text, Tales of Wisdom and Wonder.







Welcome to Magnolia Class for the Spring term; please take a look at our curriculum and newsletter:

Spring-Term-18-Letter-Magnolia.docSpring-2018-Year-4.docxWe will post an update on our progress later in the term.


Autumn Term: