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Welcome to Peach Class

Autumn Term 2019

The children have been working hard on learning all their single letter sounds. It would now be very helpful if you can keep practising these at home. Can your children write the letter recognisably? Can they write the letter from memory? It would be fantastic if they could by the end of this term.

We are practising to count carefully in maths. Can you point out numbers all around you? Maybe you can play eye spy on the way home and look at numbers on buses, cars and houses. This will help your child to recognise their numbers which is what we are now working on.

The children are full of exciting ideas and the making area is always a hive of activity. They loved their Autumn walk on the scrubs where we found lots of leaves but only a few blackberries!

Welcome to Peach Class! 


We have had a great start to the new school year and are settling in with plenty of smiling faces!  We are becoming familiar with the new routines of Reception.  We have really enjoyed exploring our new environment and are most comfortable in it.  P.E. and library sessions are met with much excitement!  We are showing great interest in learning new letter sounds and making sure we participate in plenty of fun activities to reinforce them.

During Maths we have been focusing on recognising numbers and counting. We are developing our motor skills through play, both inside and outside on the classroom.

This term we will also be learning all about ourselves, our families and what is inside our bodies. 

Later on we will get a chance to visit Wormwood Scrubs and continue our learning outdoors.  We are even lucky enough to have weekly visits from the Royal College of Music to run sessions with us.

Take a look at some of the things we have been doing so far this term…


Welcome back to Peach class for the Spring Term!


Please take a look at our curriculum and newsletter:

We will post an update on our progress later in the term.


Autumn Term:

We have started off the new school year with a busy classroom and lots of smiley faces. The children have shown a huge interest in their letter sounds and after just one half term, we have lots of children who can read and write short words! They are feeling very proud of themselves.

In maths, we have been focussing on counting and shape. When exploring the numicon and marbles, many children came up with ideas like “if we put them together it will be even more!” It was lovely to see the children collaborating and counting together.  All of the children were able to create repeat patterns and radial patterns. The looks on their faces was one of intense concentration and focus as they ensured that each shape was tessellated and made to fit just right.

Our focus book has been Stanley’s Stick. As autumn set in, we went on an autumn adventure on the scrubs in search of leaves and special sticks like Stanley had in the story. We will now be working on making up our own stories about our very own special sticks.

Other highlights of this term have been our Roald Dahl day and the visit from Miss Fire, an African dance teacher. The children are developing the motor skills with woodwork during which they have learnt to use the hammer and hand drill safely. We have even cleaned the autumn leaves out of our little pond but we had to very carefully rescue the very tiny snails who live in the there.