Old Oak constantly evaluates the performance of the pupils. This is done in the classes by the teaching staff every day. It is informal assessment which helps the teachers to understand where the children are in their learning and what to teach next. The children too know about their strengths and areas for development and this helps them to make better progress.


The children also undertake national tests. In Year 1, the children take the phonics screening. In this screening, the child read 40 words, both real words and nonsense words to identify which of the sounds of English they can recognise.


In Year 2 the children sit a suite of tests - reading, maths and grammar/spelling. These tests are marked internally.


In Year 6, the children sit similar tests to Year 2, but the papers are marked externally and the results are published for every school in England.  


For more information about the school results, please look at the attachement below.


Key Stage 2 Performance and Progress.pdf


You can also find out about the performance of the school from the Ofsted data dashboard in the Ofsted section of the website.