Plum Class

Welcome to Plum class!

We have started the term with an exciting IPC topic ‘Being Human’. All the children have undergone a ‘health check’ which we did together in the hall. This involved doing sit ups, measuring our lung capacity, listening to our heart beat and measuring our height. It was a lot of fun and a great way to get us thinking about what makes us human. The good news is that we all passed our health check!

We also have begun our new story book called ‘Skellig’ by David Almond. It is about a boy who finds a strange creature in his garage! We have made models of the garage to help us with our writing poems. We hope to have some good descriptive writing by the end of term.


Obviously it is SATS during Year 6, so we are busy helping the children get up to speed with reading and knowing their times tables. Any support from home in this area would be much appreciated.






Welcome back to Plum Class for the Spring Term. Please take a look at our curriculum and newsletter:



We will post an update on our progress later in the term.



Autumn Term

One of the highlights of our autumn term was the trip to the British Museum where we saw the Greek Pottery. We then returned to school to make our own fantastic pots.