Dear families,

date posted: 19/10/2020

Dear families,


The school remains as busy as ever.

*Dreaming Forest*


Over the lockdown period when we had limited numbers of children in school, we were invited to get involved in an intergenerational project, Dreaming Forest. As part of the project, children from Old Oka coloured one side of a leaf and wrote a question. This was then passed on to older members of our community who then replied, answered the question and coloured their side of the leaf. It has been very successful and had a huge impact in our community. Thank you to all the teachers and children who took part and it is wonderful to know that during these dark times, our children have brought some light to lives of others. For more information please follow this link:


Twitter: introductory welcome videos


If you already subscribe to Twitter, you may have already seen the first of a short series of videos to promote the school to new parents. We are unfortunately unable to host school tours this autumn and wanted to give new families a chance to get to know the school. Please forward these videos to any families you know who are looking for a school for their children next September. More videos to follow this week.

The link is here: The videos will also be placed on our website.​

Twitter is a great way to keep up to date with events in school anyway as news is regularly posted.


B​ubble and Squeak

The school is proud to work alongside Bubble and Squeak as our friends there continue to deliver food to families every week. Deliveries took place all during the lockdown as well! Unfortunately we can no longer hold our weekly markets, but if you want to take advantage of our deliveries, contact the school office. For more information see Twitter :


Stay safe and well.

Best wishes