date posted: 08/10/2020

Dear parents and carers,




Yesterday there was a near miss outside the school. This is because parents, children and cars crowd the streets. We are looking at possible changes to the gates ready for next week but in the meantime:

  • come to school on foot if possible
  • only park or stop in the parking bays away from the school gates- NOT on the yellow markings, or simply in the middle of the road​. If parents continue to do this, I will be forced to ask local authority parking attendants to come to the school between 8.30 and 9.00am,  and 3.00 and 3.30pm
  • do not stand on the road - please move along the path and away from the gates. The teachers will see you eventually and send your child to you.
  • drive very carefully around the school if you do have to drive
  • do not crowd around the gates as the children come out
  • move well away from the gate if you have picked up your child, even if you are waiting for a sibling at the same gate.
  • do not gather and chat in groups on the path as this forces parents onto the road
  • take all scooters and bikes home with you when you drop off your child if possible

The priority for us all is to keep the children safe. We are trying to keep a safe and efficient way to dismiss the children, so please be patient. We will not release your child without seeing an adult.


We will consider a queuing system if things do not improve and this will make the whole process of picking up children at the end of the day much longer.




I apologise but we are still having technical problems with our payment provider. Please pay in cash  or put the money aside as you will have to repay the balance soon. Please do not change from packed lunch to school dinner now until after half term.


 Thank you for all the support the school has had over the last 4 weeks. I am so grateful to all staff and yourselves for how things have gone so far. We are still learning and refining systems.


Stay safe

Best wishes