date posted: 16/10/2020

Dear families,

Thank you for your support again this week and for the way we as a community are working together in these challenging times.


Old Oak Primary Autumn Winter Menu 2020

We prepare food to make sure each child can eat a nutritious and tasty meal each day. The menu is attached for next term. The lunches make sure your child eats a balanced diet across the week. 


For Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes a school meal is paid for by the government.

Nursery children and Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 pay £1.80 a day for each meal. 


Some children have packed lunch and I see some really good packed lunches brought to school. But I also see some really bad ones! It is much better to try a school lunch than an unhealthy packed lunch. Try these websites for ideas if you are stuck:


Children are not allowed to change school and packed lunches as they want. Parents and carers must inform the school beforehand. Each school meal eaten must be paid for. We have had  a problem with our payment provider this term but will be contacting you next week and after half term with new details. 

Remember, as adults, we must make sure our children are trying new food, taste and textures. 

Have a good weekend and stay safe.

Best wishes