Old Oak Update 21.7.22

date posted: 22/07/2022



Dear families,


What a year we have had! Returning in September, with the cloud of Covid over us, we tried to get back to what we called at the time the ‘new normal’. Children in school in bubbles and working hard to keep everyone safe.


As the winter approached, covid cases increased and from January we struggled to keep classes open as the number of cases amongst staff in school rose. I am very happy to say that no class closed because of staff absence. I am very proud of this fact and it is a testament to the flexibility and commitment of staff that we managed to keep the school going.


This term has however seen the school return to the ‘Old Oak’ of 3 years ago and it has been wonderful to see so many families at events both during the day and after school. The sense of a community school is back! The children have been marvellous throughout. The combination of children we have is unique and a real strength of the school. There really is nowhere like Old Oak. Each one is special.


We look forward to next year and the new systems we will have in place. From 1st September, Old Oak will have 2 headteachers! Myself and Ms. Beadsworth will be sharing the role across the week. You will see Ms Beardsworth at the beginning of the week and myself at the end. On Wednesdays we will both be in to ensure we hand over everything correctly. Ms McCartney will be the deputy headteacher. All the familiar staff will be there, as well as Ms. Gordon and Ms. Cavanagh. In the nursery, with Rehena Sultana going off to have her baby, Tanya Phillips and Madison Oatway will join us. Staff will be back on the 1st September in school, training and getting ready for the year. Children begin again on Monday 5th September.


In the office, Kelly Williams is coming in as the new business manager and she is already getting to know the school and the processes and procedures here. I am sure you will get to know her in the Autumn.


The Old Oak EYEC has thrived and goes from strength to strength and has been an integral part of the school. It is great to see the younger children in the building. They add to the ethos and bring an additional spark and joy to the school.


It just remains to say thank you. Thank you to the parents for the support and encouragement over the last 12 months. Thank you to the staff of the school – the teachers, the teaching assistants, the early years educators, the administrative team, the cooks, the cleaners, the playcentre team and last but not least the site manager. Thank you to the governors for your support and commitment to the school’s success and finally thank you to the children whose enthusiasm and smiles cheer me up and keep me young. It is a joy to watch them grow and a privilege to be part of their lives.


Have a wonderful summer and see you in September.


Mr. Brown