Parent News 14/1/22

date posted: 14/01/2022


Dear families,​


*COVID UPDATE* We are aware of cases in school and there are some staff who are not in work at the moment. This is making some parts of school life quite difficult to run but with everyone pulling together, it is not affecting the well-being of the children. I want to recognise how hard staff are working. Attendance in school is very good at the moment which is great, and no child is coming into school with symptoms. Thank you. However I do think that we may have some asymptomatic cases in school (positive cases with no symptoms) so it is really important that we all - staff and families - test every Sunday to catch these cases before they come into school.


*RECEPTION PLACES FOR SEPTEMBER 2022 - For children born between 01/09/2017 and 31/08/2018* Reception Class applications need to be completed by 15th of January, tomorrow. If you do not apply by then your child will not have a school place in September, or you will have to complete a late application. If you need any help, please let us know. Thank you.​


*CHILDREN COMING TO SCHOOL ON THEIR OWN* I have been told there was an attempted abduction in Brook Green yesterday of child walking on their own. Although Brook Green is some way from the school, please be aware that, although very rare, this is always a danger and speak to your child if they come to school alone. Speak to them about the dangers and staying safe and make sure they are out for as little time as possible on these dark evenings. *BUBBLE AND SQUEAK-

MONDAY AFTER SCHOOL* Remember that anyone is welcome to take food from our Bubble and Squeak stand on the corner of Erconwald and Mellitus Street, near the Key Stage 2 gate. This is food that is perfectly good to eat but is approaching the use-by date on the package. It would otherwise be thrown into landfill and completely wasted. I often take a few bits and bobs for myself if there is any spare. The Bubble and Squeak stand is there every Monday after school.


Have a great and safe weekend.



Best wishes,

Joe Brown