Hawthorn Class

6 Hawthorn! Hello! It’s Mr H here.

I hope you are all keeping well.

I’m at home (like all of you!) spending lots of time with my daughter Daisy as well as doing school work. We’re trying to stick to a daily routine where we have breakfast; go to the park; read stories; make and eat lunch together, then do online learning and games in the afternoon. Being indoors a lot of the time is tough, but I think trying to have a routine really helps. Do you have a daily routine? Maybe tik tok and the renegade dance is part of your daily routine? Not too much though – you have school work in your folder to get on with.

Daisy and myself try to go for a walk in the park most mornings to get some exercise. Maybe some of you are doing the Joe Wicks morning PE workout? We’ve also tried some online activities such as Captain Fantastic, Dazzle and Fizz and cosmic yoga, which Daisy has enjoyed. They tell stories and sing songs. Cosmic yoga on youtube is great – maybe some of you have tried it? I think cosmic yoga is my favourite new thing. Don’t tell anyone.

We are also doing lots of face time with friends and family. I guess you are probably doing the same? Maybe some of you are face timing other members of 6 Hawthorn? I hope so!!

I hope you’re keeping positive at home, helping your mum, dad, brothers, sisters and other family members. It certainly is a time when we need to think of others and help other people out. Maybe that’s helping with cooking, cleaning or helping to entertain your siblings. Maybe you’re also doing a bit of teaching?

If you are doing school work, remember to keep that handwriting beautifully neat! Remember how important your punctuation and grammar is. In addition, think of fronted adverbials, conjunctions and relative clauses to keep it year 6! I know… you already are.

To finish off. I hope you are all keeping safe; make sure you have washed your hands after you’ve been out. Hopefully it’s not too long before we’re back in school playing scatterball and thinking about the leavers play. I very much miss teaching you all and hope to see you very soon. Keep smiling.

Mr H.