Maple Class

Hello Maple Class

I hope you are all keeping safe and well. I am missing you all lots and thinking of you all and your families.

I know life at the moment is very different to what we are used to, but try and keep your positive attitudes and we will hopefully all be back together at school soon.

It is important to keep ourselves happy and healthy - this means getting a little exercise each day, spending some time doing our favourite hobbies and also doing some learning. Keeping our brains working will make sure we keep making great progress and stop us getting bored. I have set you some tasks to do while you are at home and I would like you to try your best to do these.

In the School Closure Home Learning Area, you will find a timetable and some activities. Try and follow these the best you can. I know learning at home is different and can be more challenging. If you can’t print something, or you aren’t able to access a screen, just improvise! You could practise your handwriting, times tables, write a story... do whatever works for you! Please don’t worry if you find something too tricky - just give it a go and if you would like to me help you then ask your family to email

When we are back together you can bring me any work you would like to show me. Until then, I trust you are doing your best and staying resilient.

Stay safe,

Miss McCartney