University destinations for ex-pupils

The parents of an ex-pupil spoke with Mr. Brown in summer 2022. He was very complimentary of his daughter’s experience at the school and wanted to stress how well both she and her friends in the cohort had done. She left the school in the summer of 2015. He wrote:

“C. started her education foundations at Old Oak Primary School and thanks to the brilliant teachers at the school and excellent leadership, she is today studying Biomedical Science at one of the top universities in the UK. Thank you.”

The university destinations of this group of children are:

  • Child A – Biomedical Science at University of Manchester
  • Child B - Biomedical Science at University of Nottingham
  • Child C – History and Sociology at University of Manchester
  • Child D – Aerospace Engineering at Queen Mary University
  • Child E - Medicine at Imperial College
  • Child F – Law and Politics at SOAS
  • Child G – Medicine at Queens Mary University
  • Child H – Aerospace Engineering at University of Hertfordshire
  • Child I – Midwifery at Kings College


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These words are powerful and reflective of the work the teachers here at Old Oak Primary put in every day to help enrich the lives of the children who attend here.  Well done to the teaching and support staff who make such a difference!

There are often times during the year when the school is complemented by current or former pupils or members of the public who have met the children of Old Oak in some capacity. Rather than keep these to ourselves we are going to share these with you.

November 2019

It is always a pleasure to visit Old Oak and teach the children here. They are so well-behaved, really caring, full of information and demonstrate higher order thinking skills. They are delightful to work with!

Sarah, Life Bus teacher , Coram Life Education, the leading provider of health, wellbeing and drugs education



February 2018

Last term, the School Council carried out a school-wide Teaching and Learning questionnaire. The members of the School Council wrote the questions and then the teachers gathered the responses of the pupils in their class. The questions related to their opinion of the teaching in the school, ranging from how interesting they find lessons to how effectively they felt their teachers delivered lessons.


A copy of the questionnaire can be found here:



Here are some of the responses collected from the questionnaire:


"School is an inspiring place. I love it." ~ Year 4 pupil


"I don't have difficulties with interacting with other students because we work well together." ~ Year  4 pupil


"[Old Oak] has a nice learning environment and the students have been really kind." ~ Year 6 pupil

"Yes [I would recommend it] because this school is so nice and I don't want to ever leave this school." ~ Year 5 pupil

 "I would recommend this school because it's fun and I learn a lot. I think I have learnt a lot of stuff that my friends haven't learnt. We have singing assemblies and other assemblies like IPC assemblies." ~ Year 6 pupil


"I love this school." ~ Reception pupil


This term, the School Council will be carrying out a Behaviour and Communication questionnaire. The results will be published later in the term.



15 January 2018

Dear Old Oak Staff

As a family we want to pass our gratitude for the impact you have had in the life and development of our children. We are so thankful to have been part of the Old Oak Primary family. We have seen our children grow and become who they are today. All of this would not have been possible withour the contribution of all of you. The kids will definitely miss the school and all it represented to them.

Goodbye! Hope to see you visit our country and God bless you all!

The S Family