Home School Agreement

The education of your child is a partnership between parents/carers and the staff of the school. We, the staff, have a duty to do our very best for the children at Old Oak and parents/carers have a duty to support us as best they can. The child also has a responsibility to work towards his or her goals. The home school agreement is attached and sets out the expectations and responsibilities of each member of this partnership.

The School staff will:

  •  Encourage children to do their best at all times.

  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum.

  •  Encourage children to feel safe, respected, valued       and supported.

  •  Keep parents/carers informed through newsletters, the school website, curriculum, events, parents’ evenings and curriculum plans.

  • Meet with parents/carers to discuss individual concerns.

  • Provide a learning environment, which is attractive, stimulating and well resourced.

Parents/Carers will:

  • Ask my child about their day in school, what they have learnt and what they enjoyed.

  • Be involved in my child’s homework.

  • Attend parents’ meetings and other meetings.

  • Make sure my child has a good night’s sleep.

  • Make sure my child attends regularly, and on time.

  • Inform the school of any reasons for absence.

  • Encourage my child to wear school uniform and to bring a change of clothes for PE.

  • Encourage politeness at home and at school.

  • Inform the teacher of any factors that may affect my child’s performance or well being at school.

  • Make sure my child does not bring personal belongings to school.

  • Raise concerns in an appropriate manner by arranging to meet the class teacher, deputy headteacher or headteacher.

  • Support the school in promoting positive behaviour.

  • Read with my child at home.

The Child

I will always try to respect everyone in the school and in the playground. Therefore treat every person as they would like to be treated.

I will:

  • Co-operate with other people and take care of each other.

  • Try my best at all times, both in the classroom and outside.

  • Use polite language at all times.

  • Co-operate and share all of the equipment.

  • Play sensible games and avoid boisterous games.

  •  Listen to the meals supervisor and do as they ask.

  • Keep the garden in good condition by taking care of it properly.