At Old Oak we believe that every child should enjoy maths and with the right support and guidance can be a fantastic mathematician.  We provide opportunities for our children to explore “real life” maths which they can apply throughout their lives.

We bring the National Curriculum to life with practical and exciting teaching which nourishes the children’s natural curiosity and allows them to become independent learners.  We are now into our third year following a ‘Maths Mastery’ approach to teaching and learning maths.  This involves all children learning and moving together with an emphasis on deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.


In every lesson children are encouraged to use concrete resources to model and explore their maths at a deeper level.  We use a “Concrete (make it), Pictorial (draw it), Abstract (write it)” approach,  to ensure a solid understanding of what the numbers and calculations actually mean.  Our calculation policy reflects this approach.  For example:

Our Calculation Policy is attached here. From this policy, you will see how we begin with concrete materials which children can play with and touch. From here we encourage children to use picture representations of the concrete materials before moving to the abstract. Please take time to study this policy.



We encourage parental involvement through annual events such as “Festival of Triangles” and “Enterprise Week,” where the whole school community can get involved in a fun way.  


We hold regular  parent information sessions on key topics including the  calculation policy and ways to help your child at home.


How can parents and carers help?


So much of your child’s learning of mathematics takes place at home. Helping your children with games and activities includes lots of mathematics. Never miss the chance to practice!


Try the Out and About postcards which give you lots of questions to ask in your day to day life. Choose one postcard a week and ask these questions as a way of seeing mathematics in the real world.

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Out and About

Out and About Calendars and Fiction Book | PDF

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