Headteachers' Welcome

Welcome to Old Oak Primary School. A school where the progress children make is amongst the best in the country.


Old Oak is a place where children, staff, parents and the community are welcome and encouraged to contribute to the life of the school.

 I believe that our school is a special place and we hope that you feel that too after experiencing it for yourselves.

All children deserve the best possible education and we are committed to providing the best for each and every child while they are here. I hope you find the information in this site interesting and helpful for you and your child. I also hope the friendly and inclusive ethos of the school shines through.

At a time when education is never out of the news, Old Oak retains the traditional ethos of a family community school and combines this with the most effective research on successful teaching and learning. We strive for excellence in all areas of school life and have high expectations of every child both in their academic and in their personal development. We encourage particular attributes, including resilience, creativity, enquiry and respect to achieve our personal goals. These also underpin the children’s academic success. Educating the ‘whole child’ remains a cornerstone of Old Oak’s values.



As a community school, we are particularly conscious that our pupils grow as part of a community and a society where we can all live and work successfully together. We promote this across the school, both in the classroom and beyond. All of our children are known, valued and respected as individuals who leave Old Oak ready for the next stage in their education with life skills which prepare them for their future.


We are very proud of our school. If you would like to know more about the school, get in touch or, by all means, come and see us for yourselves.



Joe Brown and Katie Beardsworth