Vision & Values

Our vision is for the community to see Old Oak as their school, a success in the community; a happy school where everyone is valued and respected. To enable each child to achieve their full potential and make the most of the opportunities and choices offered to them, we aim to provide a secure and stimulating environment that promotes independence, self-esteem, health and well-being.


Children, staff, governors and parents strive for:

  • Achievement - To provide a framework within which all pupils are enabled to develop their academic, moral and spiritual, social, creative and physical potential.

  • Excellence - To promote the highest standards we can achieve in learning and teaching, keeping in mind the individual needs of children as well as the strengths and interests of school staff.

  • Environment - To provide a school that is attractive, stimulating, well resourced and one that children can learn to care for. An environment where children can feel safe, respected, valued and supported.

  • Creativity and breadth - To provide a broad and balanced curriculum that enables children to become literate and numerate while also promoting good health through sport and exercise, creativity through the arts, computing skills and the excitement of international learning.

  • Enquiry - To promote the aim of children becoming motivated, inquisitive and independent learners, not only in primary school but beyond in secondary school and throughout their lives.

  • Resilience and adaptability - To enable children to face life beyond school by developing their resilience and adaptability. We firmly believe that school experience is an important factor in determining one's future, whether in a traditional working life or any alternative that is satisfying, fulfilling and develops wide ranging personal interests.

  • Respect and cooperation - To learn to respect the rights of individuals, embracing the cultural diversity of the school's intake. We are an inclusive school community in which everyone is welcome, promoting the ability to work as a team and to accept and appreciate other opinions, beliefs and talents. 

  • Communication – To provide opportunities for children to develop the ability to communicate successfully and appropriately to a range of audiences both in spoken and written form. To communicate effectively with the school community to ensure that everyone involved in a child's education is informed and working together for the child's best interests.

  • Thoughtfulness  –  To use a wide range of thinking skills to help us to solve a problem and to think carefully about learning before we do it, as we are doing it and after we have done it. To take time to reflect about what we are going to do and consider the impact of our choices. To be thoughtful and empathetic to all and model this through how we behave towards each other.