EYFS Home Learning

Hello Nursery and Reception,


We are missing you so much but we know that you are having fun with your families and are hopefully all staying safe and well. We know that you have been working hard on your home learning packs and keeping busy with all the many ideas in your heads.


Parents, we understand that you may also be supporting siblings whose work may appear more challenging. We are always happy for you to adapt any activities to make it more manageable for you but to ensure that your younger children are also learning and making progress.  Many of the Early Years skills can be done through play and wherever possible we would encourage this.


We will provide a timetable of the day for Reception pupils. Not only will this continue with some of the formal learning that we have in class but it will also continue to prepare your child for Year 1 in September.





Nursery parents, some of the children will be starting to prepare for Reception in September so skills like speaking and listening, drawing, writing, counting, story-telling and curiosity will definitely help to prepare them for this transition. 


Please see below for some activites:






Attached below are some activities you can try at home:








Please see below for some summer activites from Miss Podersoo:

Peach Summer Home Learning


Keep practising:


Communication & listening:  Keep doing lots of talking to your family. Are you listening to them? Can you tell them what you are doing, explain your ideas to them or ask questions if you don’t know something? Are you following instructions?


Personal, Social and Emotional:  Keep working on being kind, taking turns and sharing. Are you able to use words to tell your family how you are feeling instead of just getting sad or crying if something goes wrong? Do you feel proud when you have done something fantastic? Talk about how you are feeling and what made you feel this way.


Physical Development: Keep doing lots of activities that keep your hands and bodies busy. Writing, drawing, playing with playdough or helping a grown-up with cutting vegetables or fruit will help to strengthen your hand muscles. Make up a dance or join in with the PE that your big brother or sister are doing.

Literacy: Read as many books as you can! If a grown-up is busy then make up your own stories and tell them to your teddy or brother or sister. Can you draw your story or exciting pictures and tell everyone about it. This is the start of being a good storyteller. Maybe you can write a story, a card, a message or a shopping list. If you know your sounds, letters and tricky words then please remember to use these in your writing.


Maths: Count as much as you can! Count forwards, count backwards, maybe even count in 2’s or 10’s if you are in Reception. Can you write your numbers? Play number games and do puzzles.  Do counting and measuring if you get to help a grown-up cook or bake. Sorting, matching and counting socks will even help develop mathematical skills.


Understanding of the World: Talk to your family, find out what they like. Does your family come from a different country? What is it like there and how is that different to England? Read books or watch videos about the world and animals and ask as many what, where and why questions as you can! This is how you learn and find out more about everything.


Creative development: Create something exciting with Lego or bricks. Can you act out a little story with any dolls, superheroes or animal toys that you might have at home? Draw and paint or stick boxes, yogurt pots and lids together to make something new. Sing and dance as much as you can!


Stay safe and we will see you all soon!