Extended School Provision

We ensure that, if required, we provide stimulating, nurturing and safe provision for our children before and after school. 

Breakfast Club:

Breakfast Club begins every day at 7.55am and the children are supervised until 8.55am when school begins. The children receive a healthy breakfast and take part in a variety of activities. The atmosphere is friendly and caring and the children are prepared to start their school day well-fed, calm and ready to learn.



After school, between 3.15pm -6.15pm, Playcentre is provided at the school. The children can play a range of games or take part in activities both inside and outside. Some of these activities are organized and coordinated by a qualified adult. Otherwise the children are able to create and play their own games. The children receive a meal which they eat together. If children visit after school clubs, then they are collected from the club and taken to the Playcentre by an adult.


For more information about the Breakfast Club and Playcentre, please contact the school. Application forms are available from the school or on this link:



The Old Oak Community and Children’s Centre is situated directly opposite the school. We collaborate with the Centre on events and clubs. Some of our children attend the after school activities which take place at the Centre after school, including Youth Club, Cookery and Homework Club.


Please see the Old Oak Community and Children’s Centre for more information.