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Our Pupil Council is made up of children from Year 2 – Year 6. Each class has a representative and a deputy. Pupil Council meet regularly and work together to be the voice of the rest of the children and make positive changes.

How School Councillors are elected

School Councillors are elected by having a vote, where pupils pick who they think will represent the school well. After the School Councillor is elected, the second person with the most votes will be the Deputy School Councillor. Deputy School Councillors will next year become official School Councillors. When that happens, people will have another vote for a Deputy. This means that the new School Councillors have experience.


Every time when a student wants to make a suggestion, they write it on a piece of paper and put it in the Suggestion Box, which the School Councillors speak about at the meetings. Each classroom has a Suggestion Box. Suggestions can’t be silly otherwise they won’t be accepted. If the suggestion is good, then School Councillors will try their best to work on it.

What do School Councillors do in meetings?

School Councillors have regular meetings with Miss McCartney to discuss what they can do to improve the school and plan upcoming events. They also discuss suggestions that other pupils in the school have shared.