Music At Old Oak

At Old Oak, we believe in the ability of music to improve the learning and well-being of children and staff alike. Music is a real focus of the school, with all year groups having curriculum time with a qualified musician.

Programmes across the school include:

  • Year 1 Rastamouse Programme 

  • Year 2 Ukes and Sticks Programme

  • Year 3 Recorders 

  • Year 4 Recorders 

  • Year 5 Ukuleles 

  • Year 6 Drums 

There is also a gifted and talented recorders group which takes a certificate in the instrument at the end of Year 4. 


Singing assemblies take place weekly and are accompanied by live instrumentation. The school choir practises every Thursday lunchtime and they take part in school, community and local authority events. In 2015, the choir took part in the Seven Seeds concert which took place in the Royal Albert Hall alongside other schools in the Tri-Borough Music Hub.


The school band has got off to a great start. Attendance is regular and the group performed successfully at the December event. The school band rehearses after school on Thursdays as an additional club. The band will play at different events across the school year.


The Nativity is always a success and comments from parents are always very positive. Attendances at the two performances are very good and parents are encouraged to really support the event.


The Carol Concert grows every year. It is now a showcase for the music which takes place across Key Stage 2. The Christmas story is told with musical interludes including songs from the whole school, a song in Latin from the School Choir, a recorders performance by Year 3 and 4s, separate ukulele and drumming performances by each class in Years 5 and 6 and a rousing song from the School Band. 


The end of year performance by the Year 6 children is a highlight of the summer. The preparations for this musical extravaganza begin in June and the children enjoy and rise to the challenge of producing a wonderful polished performance for the school community.


For the benefits of music on your child’s learning, please see the link below: