Golden Sunburst

Dear families,

We hope that you are all keeping well in these very unusual times.

We have posted a letter to the children that we hope will provide some reassurance to them. If the children want to email us, or send us in copies of their projects/work/drawings or videos of their singing/dancing, please email them to –for the attention of Mrs Smart- and the admin department will make sure that we receive them and we can then mention them on the Golden Sunburst class page regular updates.

We hope you have found the home learning packs useful and we are currently working on new home learning ideas for after the holidays and these will be updated weekly. They will provide ideas to keep the children’s learning moving forward. Please check the School Closure/EYFS pages and Class Pages/Golden Sunburst sections on the website. Of course, we will need to think of the nursery in terms of our 2 year olds, our 3 year olds (‘Risers’ that will be with us again in September) and our 3-4s- those who will be going to Reception Class this September. Some ideas will need to be ‘modified’ by you, possibly by maybe looking at different age groups’ work (remember that every child is different and unique), but if you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to email for the attention of Mrs Smart and we will do our best to support.

We are thinking of you- and we will all we can do to help- but remember that everybody is in the ‘same boat’ and don’t worry! We were really pleased with the children’s progress to date and together we will keep the learning going!

Stay safe, keep in touch- we’d love to hear from you!

We can’t wait to get back to work and again have the privilege of teaching your wonderful children again!


Mrs Smart, Chantelle, Paula, Michaela, Amy, Gabriela and Mel.



Here are some fun activites you can try at home!


Hello Nursery children!!

How are you? We miss you so much!





We have all been very busy! Some of us have been in school, helping Mr Brown and when we have been at home we have been busy looking after our own children- even though some of them are grown ups!

It is now time for the school holidays and so school will close and we can all stay at home and rest and play.


Soon we will send messages to your families to give them some ideas for how we can keep learning at home. Have you been doing the home leaning packs we sent home?


We can’t wait to see you when school opens again! We think you will all have grown up so much!


Remember to be as sensible at home as you are at school.

We are always very proud of you!


Amy, Mrs Smart, Michaela, Paula, Chantelle, Mel and Gabriela.