Welcome to Year 4 Magnolia Class!

Magnolia Class has started the new term with a positive attitude and lots of great energy.

We are reading a fantastic new POR book – Ice Palace. Whilst reading, we have discovered lots of links and ideas to other books we have read and know of: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Snow Queen, The Pied Piper of Hamlin. This has inspired us to go and find these books and read them again! We can’t wait to find out how our unlikely hero – Ivan- escapes the clutches of the evil Starjik and his team or terrifying wolves….

We are currently writing a poster about how to survive in the extreme cold. Look out for our finished posters in our classroom.

In Maths we are still busy learning our multiplication facts. We are using these to help us with our division facts and to solve problems and explain our reasoning. There is a lot of new Mathematical vocabulary that we need to keep practising to do this well.

Science has been a lot of fun so far this term and it’s going to get even more exciting! We are thinking about States of Matter; solids, liquids and gases.

Last week we made a solid from a liquid. This involved shaking cream for a long time in a glass jar. Eventually it became butter! We had the butter spread on crackers for our snack and it tasted delicious.

We are going to be melting chocolate, making toast, making ice cream, milkshakes and so much more as part of our IPC topic this term.

We have been continuing our weekly football sessions with Mike and working hard to improve our defending and striking skills. This half term we have been especially lucky to have another professional coach come in and work with us. Coach K from Platform Cricket is teaching us all about the cricketing world and we have been learning lots of new skills. So far, we have learnt how to bowl, bat and field correctly. We are loving our sessions and especially enjoy the cricket games we play each week to put all of these new skills into action.

Miss Morley, Bridget and Catia




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