Peach Class

Hello Peach Class!


This is all a little bit strange at the moment, isn’t it? You are not going to school but your grown-ups are asking you to do school work! Remember we are all trying to stay inside and stay safe and well. Even Baby Mika and I are staying inside. We only go out for little walks, lots of playtime in the garden and we sometimes go to the shops. Baby Mika is very interested in snails at the moment but she gets a little bit sad when they don’t go sliding around for her to watch.  I know that it is a difficult to do school work at home but I also know that you are now big Reception children. If you keep practising your skills at home, then when you do come back to school you will still remember everything and will be even cleverer!


After the holidays, we will have some new learning to do and because I won’t get to see you, I will put all this learning on the computer. If your grown-ups look, they will find everything that we will be learning next.


I can’t wait to see you all again soon and see how much more you have learnt!