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To everyone in the school community,

date posted: 23/10/20

To everyone in the school community,

First of all many, many thanks to all staff, parents and carers, families and everyone else who works with the school. We have all worked together to keep the education of children going in these new circumstances and have kept Covid out of the school. This is in part due to everyone cooperating and following the guidance carefully and for this I am so grateful. The dedication of all the staff has been fantastic and this has really helped us have a successful half term.​

A little news:

We have a new parent governor - Sarah Pickett who was voted by the families recently. Thank you to all the candidates who gave up time to support the school. It is great to know that there are supportive parents in our community who want to keep the school as good as it can be. I and the governing board look forward to working with Sarah over the coming years.


*Applying for school places*

Year 6 families MUST complete the application for secondary school by the end of October. Nursery parents (3-4 year olds) can also apply for reception places for September 2021 now. We can support any families with this process.


There are new sections to the school website you can access: 

* for information on Covid look here:

*for information on Seesaw look here:

* for the school videos for new parents look here: More will be added soon and they are also on Twitter -


We are working on a new payment system - SIMS pay - and will launch this after half term. Thank you for your patience on this. There have been a number of technical issues we have been trying to sort out. More news in November.


The nursery changes take place after half term - the 2 year old children move rooms and the 3-4 children will stay all day. This will ensure that we can provide the best for our very youngest children. Nursery open again on Wednesday 4th November.


 Things to do this Half Term

  • The Community centre have organised some ‘drop in’ sessions with Dr Bike outside the pitch on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1-3pm. If your bike need fixing bring it along. This session is ‘FREE’ and you do not have to book!
  • We may have a limited number of ‘FREE’ art and design packs available for you to collect and get crafty this half term.
  • We will have limited numbers and these have been organised by Bubble & Squeak. They will arrange for you to collect. Please email for more information
  • Hammersmith & Fulham ArtsFest will have an online arts and crafts magazine for families this half term. There will lots of activities for you to try daily with many pieces of art you can create with things from home or found on the scrubs. It will be available from Monday. We will send you the link​


Best wishes


Dear families,

date posted: 19/10/20

Dear families,


The school remains as busy as ever.

*Dreaming Forest*


Over the lockdown period when we had limited numbers of children in school, we were invited to get involved in an intergenerational project, Dreaming Forest. As part of the project, children from Old Oka coloured one side of a leaf and wrote a question. This was then passed on to older members of our community who then replied, answered the question and coloured their side of the leaf. It has been very successful and had a huge impact in our community. Thank you to all the teachers and children who took part and it is wonderful to know that during these dark times, our children have brought some light to lives of others. For more information please follow this link:


Twitter: introductory welcome videos


If you already subscribe to Twitter, you may have already seen the first of a short series of videos to promote the school to new parents. We are unfortunately unable to host school tours this autumn and wanted to give new families a chance to get to know the school. Please forward these videos to any families you know who are looking for a school for their children next September. More videos to follow this week.

The link is here: The videos will also be placed on our website.​

Twitter is a great way to keep up to date with events in school anyway as news is regularly posted.


B​ubble and Squeak

The school is proud to work alongside Bubble and Squeak as our friends there continue to deliver food to families every week. Deliveries took place all during the lockdown as well! Unfortunately we can no longer hold our weekly markets, but if you want to take advantage of our deliveries, contact the school office. For more information see Twitter :


Stay safe and well.

Best wishes




date posted: 16/10/20

Dear families,

Thank you for your support again this week and for the way we as a community are working together in these challenging times.


Old Oak Primary Autumn Winter Menu 2020

We prepare food to make sure each child can eat a nutritious and tasty meal each day. The menu is attached for next term. The lunches make sure your child eats a balanced diet across the week. 


For Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes a school meal is paid for by the government.

Nursery children and Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 pay £1.80 a day for each meal. 


Some children have packed lunch and I see some really good packed lunches brought to school. But I also see some really bad ones! It is much better to try a school lunch than an unhealthy packed lunch. Try these websites for ideas if you are stuck:


Children are not allowed to change school and packed lunches as they want. Parents and carers must inform the school beforehand. Each school meal eaten must be paid for. We have had  a problem with our payment provider this term but will be contacting you next week and after half term with new details. 

Remember, as adults, we must make sure our children are trying new food, taste and textures. 

Have a good weekend and stay safe.

Best wishes



date posted: 08/10/20

Dear parents and carers,




Yesterday there was a near miss outside the school. This is because parents, children and cars crowd the streets. We are looking at possible changes to the gates ready for next week but in the meantime:

  • come to school on foot if possible
  • only park or stop in the parking bays away from the school gates- NOT on the yellow markings, or simply in the middle of the road​. If parents continue to do this, I will be forced to ask local authority parking attendants to come to the school between 8.30 and 9.00am,  and 3.00 and 3.30pm
  • do not stand on the road - please move along the path and away from the gates. The teachers will see you eventually and send your child to you.
  • drive very carefully around the school if you do have to drive
  • do not crowd around the gates as the children come out
  • move well away from the gate if you have picked up your child, even if you are waiting for a sibling at the same gate.
  • do not gather and chat in groups on the path as this forces parents onto the road
  • take all scooters and bikes home with you when you drop off your child if possible

The priority for us all is to keep the children safe. We are trying to keep a safe and efficient way to dismiss the children, so please be patient. We will not release your child without seeing an adult.


We will consider a queuing system if things do not improve and this will make the whole process of picking up children at the end of the day much longer.




I apologise but we are still having technical problems with our payment provider. Please pay in cash  or put the money aside as you will have to repay the balance soon. Please do not change from packed lunch to school dinner now until after half term.


 Thank you for all the support the school has had over the last 4 weeks. I am so grateful to all staff and yourselves for how things have gone so far. We are still learning and refining systems.


Stay safe

Best wishes


Seesaw for Remote Learning

date posted: 02/10/20

Getting Started On Seesaw 

Seesaw Website

 Please find attached the instructions to get started on Seesaw today. You will also receive a QR code this afternoon that is unique to your family only, which you scan on your device. Look out for the paper QR code today at pick up time. It will be in your child's bag or hand!

Follow the instructions carefully and hopefully your child can post a welcome message, picture or video for your teacher. Your teacher has left a message there for you.


Your child should have received a reading for pleasure book to take home and enjoy. Please find the time to spend with this book, together with your child, and model good reading practices at home. Let the school know if your child does not have a reading for pleasure book yet.


Have a good weekend and stay safe.

Best wishes


Joe Brown                                           
Old Oak Primary School
Mellitus Street
East Acton
W12 0AS

Tel: 020 87437629

News and Events

date posted: 02/10/20

Dear Parents/Carers,


Two key issues to share today:




We are excited to announce that we will be using a fantastic home learning resource called Seesaw. Seesaw allows children to complete homework using an smart phone, tablet or computer, 

and also allows the teacher and students to share what is happening in the classroom. In the event of your child requiring to self isolate, Seesaw will also be used by the teacher to set work for your child, which will be the same as what is happening in class. 


Your child will be receiving their first homework task on Friday, along with clear instructions explaining how to log in and access the task. 


 In preparation for this, we ask that you download the free SEESAW CLASS app on an iOS or Android device. If you are accessing Seesaw on a  computer, it can be found at the following address: This is the app your child will use to compete tasks set by the teacher.


You may also want to download the SEESAW FAMILY app. This app is for you as a parent/carer to view your child(s) work. This will also be used in the near future as a communication tool between home and school.


We are excited to begin using this fantastic learning platform and early pupil feedback is very positive. If you have any problems downloading the app please do not hesitate to contact the school at and someone will be able to support you. ​




We know that there are a few cases of Covid 19 at other schools in Hammersmith and Fulham. If an older brother or sister has been sent home to self isolate because of a case in the school or bubble, the children at Old Oak can still come to school.  The guidance states: If you are a contact of a person who has tested positive for COVID-19, but you do not have symptoms, other people living with you do not need to self-isolate and should follow the general guidance. 


If anybody in your home has symptoms, then please self isolate everyone at home and call the school immediately.

Please look at the attached guidance for more information and for information about when to have a test.


Please take care and stay safe.



Best wishes


Joe Brown                                           
Old Oak Primary School
Mellitus Street
East Acton
W12 0AS

Tel: 020 87437629

*Plans for September 2020*

date posted: 14/08/20



We have spent many weeks planning for September. We will update you in September as we do not know whether plans will change. We have made our plans based on government and borough guidance. This is available here:,15GU7,5ERH1D,42QKO,1


Key points:

  • The children will be taught in class bubbles, all staff will only be with that bubble, including lunch and break times. Children will eat in their classroom. There will be no crossing over of bubbles with adults or children. The resources will only be kept in that room and used by those children and nothing will be shared.
  • General hygiene will be of huge importance and revisited throughout the day. 
  • In the playground there will be one other class and the children will be divided so they do not cross over.
  • Year 5 and 6 will be treated as one bubble as they will be in a separate Maths and English group after the first two weeks. These parents will be informed again about this at the start of September.
  • There will be staggered times to start and finish school (see attachment)
  • Three gates will be open at 8:45 and senior management will stand at the gates as usual. Teaching assistants will be in the playgrounds until 9:30 to manage the lines and care for the children. Adults will be socially distanced at all times. You are welcome to drop your children off at 8:45 and they can walk into the playground and wait in their class lines. Parents will need to leave the gate area quickly so it does not get congested and you will need to socially distance as much as you can. The children will be collected by their teacher and taken through a designated door at a designated time so classes do not cross over. The same will happen at the end of the day.

Please see the attached sheet for more information on the start and end of the day.


We will be in contact again before September, and as ever, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Stay safe. 

Best wishes

Mr Brown


Breakfast Bagels

date posted: 26/01/20


We will be giving away a free breakfast bagel in the playground from Monday 20th January . The Key Stage 1 gate will open at 8.40am – 5 minutes early. The last bagel will be given out at 8.50am so that school can begin at 8.55am. The offer is open to all families including those in the reception and nursery classes.

Wick Court

date posted: 24/01/20

Year 5 & 6 had a great time at Wick Court! The children enjoyed fabulous outdoor adventures with exemplary behaviour! The children achieved so much in a week, the impact of their farming experience no doubt will have a lifelong impact!







Fathers Day

date posted: 22/01/20

Father and son getting into a right mess during the Father's Day activities, great fun was had by all!

Old Oaks Father's Day Lunch involved lots of activities!



Valerie Bloom at Magnolia Class

date posted: 22/01/20

Valerie Bloom Book Signing Treat for the children at Old Oak Primary.



Fireworks Night

date posted: 22/01/20

The Old Oak fundraising event for DJ Chad gained fantastic support from families and the local community. £797 was raised for this worthy cause.


Buckingham Palace

date posted: 21/01/20

Peach & Rowan Reception Classes Had a Fantastic Day at Buckingham Palace!



Queen Luana, carrying out her royal duties!


Children are in awe at the splendour of the royal carriage!



Mothers Day Lunch

date posted: 19/01/20

Mother's Day Lunch Was a Great Success! Mother's Day Lunch at Old Oak Primary School on the 27th March was a fun occasion for both parents/ carers and children thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Mother's Day lunch was a great celebration for mothering Sunday and was a very well attended event.






Water & Steam Museum

date posted: 14/01/20

Great Time at the Water & Steam Museum! Children at Old Oak had a great time at the London Museum of Water & Steam in Brentford on the 13th & 14th of March. Maple, Olive, and Hazel Class, Year Groups 1&2 got to ride on a steam train. The children also had fun splashing in the water park. There was alot to learn too! Children enjoyed learning about how steam is formed and how it is used. Their faces says it all!



Lots of fun and learning!