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Old Oak Update - Summer

date posted: 22/07/21

Dear families,


The holiday is upon us and while the staff have time for their families, the children are with you for the next few weeks and I thought it may be helpful to suggest some ideas. 


Locally, Shepherds Bush library have a series of events happening which are all free but you do have to book in advance. The flier attached to this email gives more details about these. The summer reading challenge is happening and the teachers here are all very interested to know about the books you have read over the summer. I already have a couple planned but am enjoying Small Pleasures by Clare Chambers at the moment which was recommended to me by several people.

SRC events in Shepherds Bush Library(1).pdf


Our Maths scheme - White Rose Maths - have produced some free resources which you can pick up free from Morrisons supermarket. These can be used to revise this years maths work and look at what is coming ahead next academic year. For more information please follow the link below:​

For other free events in London, the following websites will provide ideas: 

I wanted to end the year by saying again how proud I am of the children at the school. I am told so often by visitors how polite and respectful the children are and how they enjoy working with them. That is  something I say all the time but when it comes from visitors who only meet them once or twice, it is a real compliment. They do not say that about all the schools they go to. You should be proud!


Have a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing you all again in September. Remember that school finishes early tomorrow afternoon - 1.45 - 1.50pm, and we have the leavers assembly at 1.00pm in the key stage 2 playground.

Best wishes


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date posted: 21/07/21

Dear families,

As we approach the end of term, I wanted to wish you all a wonderful holiday. I realise it will be a different summer for many of us but I hope this is the beginning of a new normal in September and things are back to a more regular timetable. I will be in touch in the last week of the holidays if this changes.



Some final staffing news - Linnette Jeffrey who has worked as a lunchtime supervisor and after that as a teaching assistant for 15 years has found a position closer to her home and will be leaving us at the end of the term. I fully understand her decision and wish her well for her next role. I am grateful for all she has given to the children and staff of the school during her time here. Karen Browne will replace Linnette as a teaching assistant from September.



You will have received your child's report last week on Seesaw. Can you please respond on Seesaw to tell us that you have seen and read the report. Please add other comments if you would like to as well as any feedback is useful. Many thanks.



Friday is the last day of term. The leavers assembly for our Year 6 children is at 1.00pm and will take place in the amphitheatre. Please come to the Key Stage 2 gate from 12.45pm. Please can the children come to school in school uniform on Friday


The day will finish at 1.45pm for Peach, Rowan, Maple and Sycamore classes.


Nursery (Golden Sunburst), Hazel, Magnolia, Aspen and the Year 6 children will finish at 1.50pm.


It is a non-uniform day for all the children except for the Year 6s, but please bring in £1.00.

Stay safe and well.

Best wishes


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date posted: 16/07/21

Dear families,



The last week of term is usually very busy. This year we will do our best but it will be a bit quieter. On Tuesday, 20th July it is Sports Day. Key stage 2 children will visit the Linford Christie Stadium. Key stage 1 will hold their sports day in school in the playgrounds. The weather looks good - I can remember a very wet walk back to school a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, parents cannot attend these events.



On Friday , 23rd July, at 1.00pm we will hold a Leaver's Assembly outside in the key stage 2 playground. Again the weather looks good so we will say our final goodbye to our Year 6 children in our playground amphitheatre. All parents and carers of children in Year 6 are welcome. Please keep the number of guests to a minimum on the day but this is an event for the families to enjoy.


The Year 6 children have been a credit to themselves and the school this year. They have coped with change and disappointment and been one of the calmest year 6 groups I can remember. Talking to other headteachers, we seem to have some of the nicest children in Hammersmith and Fulham. Congratulations to everyone!



The last day of term is next Friday, 23rd July. School will finish at 1.45pm. It will be a non-uniform day, except for the Year 6 children, who I think should be in their uniforms for the final assembly. Sorry, Year 6!



School begins again on Thursday, September 2nd, except for nursery and reception childrenI will email these classes separately. School begins at 8.55am. School finishes at 3.15pm.

  • All children in Years 1 and 2 go to the Key Stage 1 gate
  • All children in Years 3,4,5 and 6 go to Key Stage 2 gate​

I expect that in September we will no longer be in bubbles and no longer have different start and end times. We will still be more cautious in school and react to the situation with Covid closer to the time. If there is a need for any changes to any of the above, I will be in touch with you in the week before we start back, at the end of August.

Have a great and safe weekend.​

Best wishes

Joe Brown                                           

Tel: 020 87437629

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date posted: 15/07/21

Dear families,


You can be guaranteed that the teacher and teaching assistants who will work with your child from September has more than 6 years experience and often many more. The school is very lucky to have a loyal and committed staff who invest in your child and do not move on after a couple of years. This is so important to the school and the education your child receives. From September the classes will be staffed in this way:

Golden Sunburst - Nursery - Mrs. Smart

Peach Class - Reception - Miss Robertson

Rowan Class - Year 1 - Ms. Crane and Ms. Khalil

Hazel Class – Year 2 - Miss Hepworth

Maple Class – Year 3- Miss McCartney

Magnolia Class- Year 4 - Miss Morley

Aspen Class - Year 5 - Ms. Joshua

Willow Class - Year 6 - Mr. Wheeldon


Miss Hepworth is the key stage 1 coordinator and Miss McCartney is key stage 2 coordinator.

Ms. Jude-Brandt is the Special Educational Needs Coordinator.

Mrs. Beardsworth is the deputy headteacher.


Myself and Ms. Jude-Brandt are responsible for safeguarding.

Children will meet their new teacher on Monday morning. The teacher will visit the children in their classroom to keep to Covid measures in school. There are so many children across the country isolating at the moment, I want to stay safe for 1 more week so none of us are having to isolate in the holidays.  ​

I will write next week with more details for the start of term in September. 

Best wishes

Joe Brown                                           

Tel: 020 87437629

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date posted: 09/07/21

Dear families,



The school reports for your child are ready to go out. The report provides an overview of how your child is doing, both socially and emotionally as well as academically. As we are not meeting in person this year for a parents meeting, we will put your child's report on Seesaw on Monday afternoon. The report will contain much of the information you spoke to your child's teacher about recently on the phone. Please read the report carefully. If there is anything you would like to discuss further, then please arrange a telephone call with the teacher on Seesaw. A hard copy of the report is also available on request. Nursery parents will receive a paper copy as Seesaw is not as integrated into school life as much as it is in the rest of the school. 


I fully understand the importance of the link between parent and teacher and I know that communication through Seesaw has been effective in the circumstances. I will reconsider parents meetings again in the Autumn.​ It is frustrating that there are restrictions to visitors in school, but we have to remain cautious to protect the whole community. We all know there are schools with classes isolating at the moment, and it is still not clear about the implications for vaccinated people, particularly those who are vulnerable of getting the virus. So I am looking to be careful about what I commit to in the coming weeks.



On Thursday 15th, the staff want to make the day special for the the year 6 children who have missed so many of their key experiences of the last year in school. There is a special event just for these children in the playground with a bouncy castle, candyfloss and popcorn, photo booth, bingo, gaming area, arts and crafts, music, food and drink. The session takes place between 3.30 - 5.00pm



On Tuesday 20th July, it is the key stage 2 and key stage 1 sports day. This will take place at the Linford Christie Stadium for key stage 2 and in school for key stage 1. We have enquired this week and the Linford Christie is still having no spectators at the stadium that week. This may still change. We will contact the stadium again to see if their policy changes. In this case and for the reasons indicated above, parents will not be able to come to watch either in school or at the stadium. I do not like to do this and I really hope that next academic year will be back to a more normal timetable event, but feel for the safety of the whole school community, this has to be the case.



As a football fan, I am looking forward to the game on Sunday evening. I know that many of the older children may also want to watch the match and may got to bed later than usual. For this reason we will have a soft start on Monday morning. School will open at 8.45am and Breakfast Club will be open as usual for working parents and those not interested in football. For those who do have a late night, registers will be taken at 10.00am. Any child not in school by this time will be marked late and will not get a school lunch. We will speak in school to the children about the IPC values that the team's success has on the community and the country, please also do this at home. Education is important but Sunday is a key moment and we should enjoy this and use it to talk about resilience, adaptability, and communication.

Enjoy your weekend and still stay safe. 

Best wishes

Joe Brown                                           

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date posted: 07/07/21

Good afternoon Colleagues and Residents of H&F,

I hope all is well and you are having a great week so far?

If your clients/services users didn’t get an opportunity to come down to the enrolment day for Transform and Achieve last week Wednesday the 30th @ the Old Oak Community Centre then please contact me if they are interested in attending this course still!

It is now starting on Wednesday the 14th of July located @ the old Oak Community Centre 

Course Duration: 2 days a week for 5 weeks

Location: Old Oak Community Centre 76 Braybrook Street London, W12 0AP

Time: Wednesdays and Fridays 10:30am to 2:30pm

Within these sessions clients/residents will:

  • Learn how to use skills you have and utilise them to your best potential
  • improve personal impact and the best out of yourself
  • learn skills that get you noticed and lead to job and success
  • understand the link between nutrition and Performance
  • understand and learn the Secrets of Success
  • develop your ability to master your emotions


T and A FINAL.pdf


Please contact myself or /07920082516

Thank you and we hope to see you their J




Kind Regards



Christina Ifil | Maternity Champions Project Manager | Communities|

Tel: 07738 628 276|Email:

Peabody|Old Oak Community Centre | 76 Braybrook Street | London W12 0AP

Web: Facebook: PeabodyLDN Twitter: @MatChampsHandF


*Staff changes*

date posted: 02/07/21

Dear families,



We are preparing for next year. I wonder what will happen between now and September and the bubble/isolating but it looks as if we need to wait and see on that one. The good news is again there will be many familiar faces in the school again as there will be very few new faces in the staff again next year. The loyalty of the staff to the school is a massive benefit for the school. It means that your child is taught by an experienced teacher who understands the school and what we are trying to achieve. The teaching assistants, premises and admin staff help with this and provide invaluable support to allow the ethos of the school to shine through.


We are saying goodbye to a number of staff this term. Miss Lynch is returning to Ireland to start a new life there. She has been off this year on maternity leave. Mr. Smith is looking for work closer to home in south east London as his life gets busier. Miss Podersoo is going to focus on herself for the time being without the stress of school worries and will not return in September. Lydia Gandaa is also moving to new things though I hope we will continue to collaborate in some way going forward. Each have made an invaluable contribution to the school and had an impact on so many children's lives. I am sure the memories of the children will stay with each of them forever. I thank them all for their commitment over the years and wish them all well in the future.


Maryam Baig, who has supported in key stage 1 for several years, is changing role slightly. She is joining the team at the Old Oak Early Years Education Centre and is therefore returning to her passion for early years. Maryam has been a very valued member of the staff team in key stage 1 and her expertise will be key to the success of our exciting new venture.



Thank you to all parents and carers who have already completed the survey about after school clubs. If you have not had a chance, then please take a few seconds to do so at the link below:


The survey will close next week on TUESDAY 6th JULY.


It would seem the Covid virus is still in our community with class isolating at local schools. Please follow the guidelines for a few more weeks to keep Covid out of Old Oak.


Have a good weekend.


Best wishes



Family Group

date posted: 25/06/21


Dear Parents/ Carers,


I am delighted to let you know that Family Group has started running again at Old Oak Primary School on Wednesday mornings.


It has been a particularly challenging year for all families with many added stressors to the normal challenges of parenting.


We all want our children to be happy, enjoy learning at school, and to grow into resilient young adults. That’s what brings us together in Family group.


Children and their parent’s join Family Group for many reasons


  • Unhappy at school or home
  • Don’t want to come to school
  • Being bullied
  • Presenting with behavioural problems
  • Struggle to make friends
  • Anxious or withdrawn


Family Group provides a safe, supportive, confidential and positive environment where change can happen.

In the weekly sessions in school, we talk, play and have fun. Families help families by sharing ideas and sorting through problems. In the sessions we set targets for the children to work on at school and at home.


If you would like to find out more please feel free to text, call or email me. I am the Family Group Leader and I would be happy to have a chat and answer any question. Alternatively, you can leave a message with the school office and I will phone you.


Best wishes,

Alice Plosker

Tel: 07557520334         




Radha is leaving us.

date posted: 25/06/21

Dear families,

I hope that all are well. 



Radha is leaving us at the end of the month to begin her retirement and spend more time with her family. Radha has welcomed children into playcentre after school for many years and created such a wonderful atmosphere for the children of all ages. Staff and children alike will miss her so much. We wish Radha all the very best in the future and thank her so much for the incredible service to the school and the children. 


Playcentre will continue with Les, Annette and Sue for the time being.



The numbers at playcentre are very low and I am looking at restructuring our provision to make it more attractive to more families. Unfortunately, this will come at a cost - the days of free clubs after school are gone. I am trying to keep the cost at a minimum and stay in line with other organisations. I also want to use the after school clubs to broaden the curriculum for the children and include activities which will be helpful. It would focus more on life skills and interests and include activities like basic first aid, learning an instrument, woodwork and sewing/needlework. PLEASE COMPLETE THE SURVEY ON THE LINK BELOW AS SOON AS YOU CAN TO GIVE US AN IDEA OF INTEREST AND TO HELP WITH PLANNING:



Hammersmith and Fulham has sent a message to all residents and staff about the new delta variant of Covid. The new symptoms include headaches, a sore throat, runny nose and a fever. These symptoms present like a cold. If your child is unwell with these symptoms, please keep them at home and contact the school. There are cases in other schools around us, so please help to keep Covid out of Old Oak.


Attendance remains good at the moment, besides a few serious cases of absence, which is pleasing but let's not take any chances with the new variant.



Please send water into school for packed lunches or to drink. Juices are so bad for children's teeth and speaking to the school nurse today, you cannot imagine how many young children have problems with their teeth. No Fruit Shoots and similar with the lunches please. 


Have a great weekend. 

Best wishes


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Workshop for Parents

date posted: 18/06/21

Dear families,



You may have noticed some changes in the old nursery space near the key stage 1 playground. This has become the Old Oak EYEC- a nursery partnership with Imperial College West. This is a new ground-breaking nursery for children of the staff of the university but also local working families and will be run as a private nursery attached to the school. It is full time, all year round and will accept children 6 months and above. Old Oak is very proud to be working with one of the best universities in the world and hope that the other children in the school will benefit from this link as the partnership develops. If you know of anyone who may be interested in their child attending this facility then please get in touch with the manager, Rosemarie Alphonse. She is already busy here in school preparing for the opening in July. There are some spaces reserved for local families so contact Rosemarie on the school number or at if you are interested.



More children are absent again this week and our attendance across the school is not as good as last week. Please try to keep absence to a minimum. It is so much better for your child's education and it is important to the school. Research shows that the more school your child misses, the less progress he/she makes. The school is also judged by Ofsted for attendance and will be punished if it is not good enough. Most families are really committed to good attendance but for some families absence is high. I really do not want the school to get a bad Ofsted judgement because of the behaviour of a minority of families. I will send through the Attendance Policy before the end of term, so we can start the new year in September with everyone knowing the expectations.



On Thursday 24th June, Mrs. Beardsworth will hold parent workshops to inform parents about the new RSE teaching which will take place this term in Years 5 and 6. Please come either in the morning or after school on that day of you would like more information about the RSE curriculum. The letter attached will be going home today. Please let the school know if you wish to attend, so we can plan the workshops safely. Many thanks.

RSE Workshop for Parents.doc

I know that Covid cases in the area are rising again so please take care with the guidance again this weekend. 


Stay safe and have a good weekend.

Best wishes


The school is getting busier

date posted: 11/06/21

Dear families,


The school is getting busier with all the activities of the summer. 



Radha in Afterschool Club is unfortunately leaving us this term after many years. She has been here so long she is part of the structure of the school and has worked with so many children over the years. Radha has provided the perfect atmosphere for children after school and made them feel comfortable after a long day. If you have a message for Radha you would like to add to her card then please email  by the end of next week and we will make sure she gets this.



The number of children who attend playcentre is very small at the moment and I am looking at other ways to provide an extended day for working parents and to also develop the curriculum for all the children. This will come with a small cost but should benefit everyone. I will send out a survey next week to all parents to get their opinions on this.


The attendance this week has been fantastic with very few children absent every day. Thank you and please keep this up. 


A school is judged by Ofsted on its attendance and ours has been lower than national average for some time. We will now become much more strict with absence and we will introduce parent contracts and fines from September for poor absence.



The term dates for next academic year are attached to this email. Please look at the start of term in September and make sure you are in school on that day.

Term date Old Oak 2021-22.pdf



Please make sure that your child/children keep to the school uniform and especially the PE kit. We will begin to speak to children who are not dressed properly. The blue T shirt’s for PE will be available from the school shop from September.


With Euro 2020 starting today, it is great to report that the boys and girls team have played their first game against another school - our rivals at Brackenbury. The boys dominated the game but could only draw while the girls won 2-0. Well done to all involved! It is a real shame that Covid has prevented more games with other schools this year. I believe both our teams would have done very well. I hope that the Year 6 children continue to play when they go to secondary school.



Year 5 parents, make sure that you leave your deposits at the desk as soon as you can. It is a great opportunity for all the children, so please consider sending your child.


Best wishes



date posted: 27/05/21

Dear families,


As part of our non-uniform day, we raised £194.75. Thank you for taking part in this as the money will support the school and the children. One problem with school uniform is that it stops the children having to make decisions about what are the right clothes to wear.  We do not wear the same clothes for a party as for a funeral, or to do sports or to come to school. It is part of their education to know what clothes to wear for each occasion. No school uniform helps the children to think about this.



For any appointments during school time, parents and carers must produce evidence of the appointment. I am not allowed to release children during the day because the parent has turned up at the school gate and explained they must take the children. My admin staff could get into serious trouble if they do this, so please do not expect it and come to the school with the proper evidence. Many thanks.


Tomorrow is an INSET day and next week is half term. There are lots of activities going on at Shepherds Bush library and the museums are open again. Perhaps you will find time to visit these. School begins again on Monday 7th June.


I hope you have a good break next week. 


Best wishes



date posted: 21/05/21

Dear families,



We have had some training from Middlesex County Cricket Club over the last few weeks. They have worked in particular with Magnolia class. Two things have really impressed me. Firstly is the talent that the children are showing for the game which I hope some will continue beyond the school. But just as importantly, how well the children have presented themselves and the school. The coaches have stressed several times how happy they are to work with the children - the children are polite, try hard and support each other. In the typical Old Oak way, the children have left visitors feeling that Old Oak is a great place to be. I have congratulated the children and am so proud of them.



This coming Thursday, 27th May, is the last day of the half term. School finishes at the normal time. Friday is an INSET day and the teachers will take time to think about your child's progress and strengths and identify next steps. School begins again on Monday 7th June.



Following requests from parents we ran a training workshop for Seesaw yesterday. Only 2 parents came. If you are having trouble with Seesaw, we can help and support you, but please try to attend the workshops planned. If there is demand, we can run the workshop again. Please speak to your child's teacher or myself on the gate if you would like to come next time.

Have a safe and restful weekend.


Best wishes



date posted: 14/05/21

Dear families,



The children really enjoyed coming to school in their pyjamas and sharing their love of books today. We raised £119.15 for the Booktrust to help promote reading. If you have a reluctant reader and need some ideas to inspire your child, look at this link:


You know how much as a school we promote reading and how it can be the single most effective way to get better at reading, writing, learning about the world, being creative and understanding others. For younger children, I remember spending hours looking at the books of Richard Scarry with the wonderful, busy illustrations. You can find more about Richard here - Can I also remind families that Shepherds Bush library is open again for you to visit and borrow books.



To help parents with Seesaw, we will run a workshop to explain how simple it is to use, including how to upload photos of work and videos from your phone and other helpful support. Next Thursday, 20th May at 2.30pm in the lower hall.



Today is the last chance to sign up for the free lunch if your child is in Peach, Rowan or Hazel class - reception, year 1 and year 2. The government pays for the schools meals for children in these year groups so your child is able to eat a school lunch for free every day. Your child can try the food on Wednesday and perhaps then eat cooked lunches daily.



Thursday 20th May at 2.30pm - Seesaw workshop for parents in the lower hall

Thursday , 27th May - last day of the half term. School finishes at the normal time

Friday, 28th May - School closed - staff INSET

Monday, 7th June - new school term begins again



1. What do we call a shape with 8 sides?

2. What is the capital city of Egypt?

3. What is the highest mountain in Africa?

4. How many people are there in two football teams with the referee and two managers?

5. Who is Michele Obama married to?


Stay safe and have a good weekend.

 Best wishes


Lunch Invite Old Oak

date posted: 07/05/21

Dear families,



Pyjamarama 2021.jpg

Next Friday, 14th May, the school will be celebrating Pyjamarama. We have done this for a number years in support of The BookTrust.  We ask that the children to come to school in their PJ's and donate £1 to the charity. During the day the children will have a chance to read and complete a reading activity.  It is a great opportunity to remind everyone about the importance of reading. More information can be found on their website:


*Wednesday May 19th - Free School Meals available - Reception, Year 1 and Year 2*

Lunch Invite Old Oak (1).ppt

You may know that children in reception class, year 1 and year 2 - Peach, Rowan and Hazel classes- receive a free school meal, paid for by the government. This is available every day. There are still some parents who do not take up this offer. On Wednesday, 19th May, our caterers are offering a free meal to all children in these classes. If you would like your child to try a meal on this day, please contact


Next week is Eid and we wish all those who celebrate, a happy and safe time. The school allows 1 day for the children to be absent.


 *Parents Meetings*

Many of you will have already spoken to your teacher. If you have not already done so, please arrange a time with your child's teacher.


*Quick Quiz:*

1. How many days are there in  November?

2. What 2 colours mixed together make purple?

3. Which composer have we listened to in assembly this week?

4. What is the capital city of the USA?

5. What is 5 X 3 X 2?


Have a good weekend and stay safe. Covid has not gone away so please keep to the guidelines out of school. 


Best wishes



date posted: 07/05/21



On Friday 14th May we will be taking part in Pyjamarama. This is a day to celebrate reading! Please come to school in your PJ's. On the day we will be doing lots of great reading and completing fun activities together. Pyjamarama is supported by the BookTrust, a charity which funds books for children in this country and around the world. They kindly donated books to Old Oak Primary for our Lockdown Library last year. Please donate £1 if you can and be prepared to talk about your reading with the class. Don't forget to wear your PJ's!

Another sunny but chilly week goes by.

date posted: 30/04/21

Dear families,


Another sunny but chilly week goes by. Thank you to all the staff this week who continue to keep the children learning in ever-changing times. The school is so calm and the children so focussed. 


Next week the parent meetings begin (Wednesday 5th May). These cannot be done in person yet so you will speak to your child's teacher on the phone. This takes some time and it can be difficult if parents don't answer. If you have agreed a time on Seesaw with your teacher, thank you and I hope the conversation is helpful. If not, please look out for the call. You may see No Caller ID as the teacher's number will not be shown.

I hope that we are able to hold these meetings in person again soon.


*Bubble and Squeak*

Bubble and Squeak will be starting back to all from Tuesday 4th May at 2.45-3.15 . It will be run by Fleur and a small group of year 6 children.

Social distancing guidelines will be on display. Please see attached flyer. Bubble and Squeak poster.pdf



School lunches are available to all children. For those in the reception, year 1 and year 2, the meals are free as the government pays for these for you. For everyone else, they are £1.80 a day and are cooked in the school to carefully prepared, healthy recipes. Contact the school office for more details at


Some children eat packed lunches and we expect these to provide all the protein and vitamins that a school meal would. Some contain far too much sugar or fat and staff will ask children to remind parents about the need for a healthy packed lunch. Primary schools are about preparing children for life and learning about a good diet is part of this learning.


Have a good, long weekend. Remember, next Monday is a bank holiday so school begins again on Tuesday 4th May

Best wishes


New Term

date posted: 23/04/21

Dear families,


What a wonderful start to the term! The children have settled so quickly and the sun has shone every day!  We have had very good attendance this week so thank you to every family for your support. I know how much the children like to be in school, so let's keep this up.


Just to let you know, we have begun assemblies and music in person again term. The assemblies take place, distanced, in the lower hall and is repeated 3 times so we can keep the groups small. Music teachers are back in school as well as we slowly and carefully open up after the lockdown.


It may be that we are in living with Covid but there is still a lot going on at the school. The 'Plants for Positivity Society' delivered their first plant of this half term to a local resident who lives on Erconwald Street. These plants were grown by our Community bubble (Years 1/2) during lockdown and decorated by Nour & Maram from Year 6! T​he lady sent this picture to say thank you to the school.​

Plants for Positivity.jpg

You may also remember the 'What does Happiness Mean to You' competition I wrote about before Easter. This was part of the Hammersmith and Fulham Arts Festival. We had several winners of this competition and you can see how well we did from the attachment.

Happiness competition newsletter.pdf

Please also see the link below to  the short film written, created and starring the Y5 group who worked on the Urbanwise London project. Their film discusses the important of bees in our society, their decline and the need to bring bees back to our urban areas. You can watch the short film on this link:

​The children of Old Oak continue to get involved in projects to make our community a better, cleaner and happier place to live in.


Have a good weekend.

​Best wishes




date posted: 31/03/21

Dear families,

 I wish you all a happy holiday and see you all again on MONDAY 19th APRIL. The children raised £188 for non-uniform day.

Once again many thanks to the PTA for the Easter eggs for all the children. A generous and cheerful way to end the term!


Remember to check Seesaw for activities if you have time and to read every day with your child. It will make all the difference - more than any worksheets. Get them talking about the story too. It all helps.​


*BIG PEDAL 2021*

Mr. Smith and the staff are keen to encourage walking, scooting and cycling as part of a healthy lifestyle. After the holidays, we encourage you to come to school without the car. Try to walk, scoot or cycle to school or in the evening now the lighter evenings are longer.




 Stay safe and keep to the guidance. 

Best wishes


*World Autism Awareness Week*

date posted: 29/03/21

Dear families,

Although it has been a difficult time, the staff have worked hard to make the children's return to school as straightforward and exciting as possible. We have some good news to finish the term and all this has come to fruition in the last 3 weeks:

*Science Day*

The children across the school enjoyed a science day a week ago which did not just include making slime. The children had virtual meetings with scientists and did other experiments in their classrooms. It was a great to draw more attention to STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) which are such a  focus for the government.

*East Acton Times*

The latest edition of the East Acton Times is available now. This is the second edition and both can be found here: . This is a local paper for the community, which has been produced by the children and works alongside the food waste project with Bubble and Squeak. Please have a look at both issues at the link.​

*Hammersmith and Fulham Arts Fest*

Children in the school have entered a piece of art each based on the question about What Does Happiness Mean to You?  It was a chance to explore through art the real meaning of happiness, especially during these strange times. This is an online exhibition and winners will be announced in the coming weeks.

Arts Fest 1(1).jpg  Arts Fest 2.JPG  Arts Fest 3(1).JPG

*Bubble and Squeak is highly commended at the national Urban Food Awards*

Our food waste project - Bubble and Squeak - was highly commended at the Urban Food Awards in 2020. The ceremony was cancelled due to Covid but we have recently received the certificate which I have attached to this email. 

highly commended (1).pdf

*World Autism Awareness Week*

For the next couple of days staff will discuss autism with the children. The aim is to raise awareness in adults and children so we can work together for the success of all. As a young person says on the video - Autism is like a long ruler and everyone on the planet is a part of that ruler. Please find more information below. There are some very interesting videos to watch which highlight how we can understand and help.

Thank you and well done to all the children and staff who have made this happen. Old Oak continues to be a busy, exciting place to be.

Stay safe and remember, school finishes on Wednesday 31st March between 1.45 and 1.55pm. Please see my email from last week for more information.  

Best wishes


*End of term: Non-uniform day Wednesday 31st March*

date posted: 26/03/21

Dear families,


It's seems strange to be talking about holidays after the term we have had, but we finish next Wednesday. Please look at the times below. It has been a difficult time for everyone - staff are tired with the long hours, changes and pressures. Staff have taken work home, worked across breaks and lunch; spent their days in the small bubbles and not mixed with others; teachers spent 2 months in front of a computer, then came back to the classroom. But in all of this, the work has paid off - the children seem to me as happy as they can be and are working hard. I am giving out lots of stamps for excellent work! The PTA have been really supportive. To say thank you to all the children and cheer them up after a long, hard term, the PTA has bought a chocolate Easter egg for every child to take home on Wednesday next week! We are aware of children's allergies and the chocolate eggs are ones you will recognise, but make the school aware if you have any issues with this. Thank you to the PTA for organising it.


*End of term: Non-uniform day Wednesday 31st March*

Please bring in £1.00 and wear non-uniform for the last day. 

School finishes on Wednesday 31st March. Please see the finish times:

1.45pm - Peach class

                Rowan class

                Aspen class

                Maple class 

                Sycamore class

1.55pm - Hazel class

                Magnolia class 

                Willow class

Nursery will also finish at 1.45pm as well.

There is no playcentre after school next Wednesday.


*Keeping up the reading and maths over the holidays*

Please, over the holidays, if you would like to keep some routine with your child, make sure they read every day and listen to stories. Teachers will post a selection of English and maths activities on Seesaw too. Simple number work is great too. Have a look at the white rose maths videos on Seesaw or try the maths ideas here: There are the Out and About Postcards at the bottom of the page which has number questions you can ask your child as part of your daily routines. 


White Rose Home learning link is here:


*Building Work*

You may have seen the builders' van in the playground today. They have begun work on an exciting nursery project. More information after the holidays.


Stay safe and have a good weekend.

Best wishes



£284.32 raised for charity

date posted: 19/03/21

Dear families,


We have had a range of superheroes in school today and I felt very safe with these powers in school. There was lots of red in each class and that made the place feel a bit special for Red Nose Day. At the gate we collected £284.32 for the charity and we will get that money sent off as soon as we can. Look out on Twitter and Instagram for pictures.


The children have also been busy with Lydia preparing art work for the Hammersmith Arts Festival. The lower hall is looking very colourful.


The last day of this term is on Wednesday 31st March. School will finish at 1.45pm on this day. School begins again on Monday 19th April.


Please keep to the rules and stay safe over the weekend. It seems to me that some people think the vaccine is the end of this, but speaking to the school nurse today, it is so important to keep the social distancing and not mixing with others outside your family or bubble. 


​Stay safe.


Best wishes



date posted: 16/03/21

Dear families,



Friday 19th March is Red Nose Day - Comic Relief- and as usual we will be trying to raise as much money as we can for good causes. 


The children can wear red on that day or come into school dressed as their favourite superhero - and please bring a donation -£2.00 - which we will collect on the gate for charity. Please ask your child to learn one joke to tell the class. They will have time to share them throughout the day. 


It should be a fun day and is a great way to end the week.



If your child is absent, you must call the school and explain why. It is not really our job to call you although we always will if we do not see your child in school. We also send texts. 

Please also let the school know straight away if you change your address or telephone number. We should have at least 3 telephone numbers for your child/children for emergencies and we need to know if any of these change.


Have a good evening and I look forward to the costumes on Friday.


Best wishes


It has been a wonderful first week.

date posted: 12/03/21

Dear families,


It has been a wonderful first week. I see really happy children come through the school gate and the atmosphere in the school is just what it should be- calm, purposeful, busy with lots of good work and smiles. Today should be motivating - a day with a special emphasis on science. It might be messy too!


School Lunches

Healthy school lunches are prepared on site. These are free to those families who qualify for free school meals and for children in reception, year 1 and year 2. Otherwise, families of nursery children and those children in years 3-6 pay £1.80 a day for lunch. The meals are prepared to strict nutritional guidelines. Your child must keep the same option for the half term- school lunches or packed lunch. It is very difficult and time consuming if your child changes each day or each week. It also costs the school money that we do not have. Please contact the front reception for more information on lunches.


Playcentre and breakfast club

We are open as a school from 8.00am until 6.15pm every day. If you are interested in the breakfast club or after school playcentre, let the school office know.​ Please consider if you may need the playcentre in the future once we get back to the new normal, please also let us know. This will help us to plan our extended schools provision. Thank you.

Schools and colleges testing: order coronavirus (COVID-19) rapid lateral flow home test kits

Please use this service to order free rapid flow tests which can be sent to your home. These are the types of tests we are using at school. Staff take a test twice a week. Please click on the link below to order the tests. If you would like support to do this please contact the school and we can help you.


Have a good weekend and stay safe.



Best wishes



date posted: 10/03/21

Dear families,


School looks better with the children in even when it is raining!



On Friday this week the children across the school will focus on science for the day. During the day the children will:

  • ​​complete 2 experiments
  • learn about a famous scientist
  • make slime to take home 

The younger children will also take part. I have attached a powerpoint from one of the classes which will give you an idea of the day.  As you can see, some classes will be able to interview real scientists through Zoom.


The UK needs all the scientists it can find, so I hope that in 10 years time, Old Oak has produced a few who'll be working in the local hospital or university. 


Stay safe and well.


Best wishes